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Tube Map - London Underground route planner

If you could have given 10 stars !!! The application is comfortable, flying away and works clearly and the main thing is always trouble-free! Irreplaceable help on the trip! Respect the developers!


Excellent app for route finding. Also 

works perfectly in the subway.


I went for a 2 week trip to London. This app made my stay very comfortable, I always see tourists like me taking turns looking at the underground map while I have this application where I can simply search any attraction I like and get the exact train I need.



New York Subway – MTA map and routes

Super useful We saved a lot in our trip  ★★★★★  

Great. It is also off line.  ★★★★★  

The route planner is the BEST! Helps you pick the fastest way. Luv it!


All perfect. Excellent app and easy to use  ★★★★★  

Helpful if you use location when you don't know where you are going ★★★★★ 


Berlin Subway – U-Bahn & S-Bahn map (BVG)

Ideal for using the subway in Berlin  ★★★★★  

Looks good.  ★★★★★  

Super convenient  ★★★★★  

A simple and practical app  ★★★★★  

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